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Mavis is a crazy cooped up housewife who has OCD (self diagnosed of course… because she’s to thrifty to pay for a Doctor’s visit).  She finds joy in annoying her husband, hovering over her children and pretty much driving her neighbors crazy with her unusual requests. She has a sharp tongue, a dry sense of humor and resides in high maintenance suburbia with a flock of chickens. Although she doesn’t frequent the mall, nail salon or wine bars…  she does enjoy roaming the aisles of local grocery stores with her coupons.  Where does Mavis buy everything else on her list?  Amazon.com of course!

In between shopping for on-line deals at Amazon.com and picking up free food with her coupons, Mavis also enjoys dumpster diving for treasures.  However most days, you’ll find her plotting a way to afford her next big adventure.  Whether  its traveling to London… or trying to talk her husband into buying a goat…with Mavis… you just never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next.

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