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The Girl took a photo of Black Fatty the other day.  Poor thing.  After spending an entire  month sitting on a cache of eggs that will never hatch (and losing a little weight in the process) she has now begun to molt.

Her new BFF Jersey the Giant (who is neither Giant nor from New Jersey) tried to comfort her. 😦

How long does it take to grow new feathers anyway?

Let’s hope the other chickens will keep her warm in the coop at night.

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As I was eating gingerbread-pumpkin pancakes the other morning, I began to wonder… Why is gingerbread a seasonal treat?  Although I make gingersnap cookies year-round, I never make gingerbread waffles, gingerbread houses, or gingerbread cake any other time of year except around Christmas time.  Why?  Is there a rule against making plates of gingerbread goodness year-round?

So today I am giving away a copy of my new favorite book: Gingerbread: Timeless Recipes For Cakes, Cookies, Desserts, Ice Cream & Candy.  Amazon has it on sale right now for only $13.18.  If you have a gingerbread lover on your Christmas list, I highly recommend it.

Would you like to WIN A COPY of the book Gingerbread?

There are 2 ways you can enter to win.

#1 Leave me a comment on this post telling me what you plan to do with the book if you win.

#2 Leave me a comment on the Onehundreddollarsamonth Facebook page telling me your favorite gingerbread item.  Cookies? Houses? Bubble Bath?  The Gingerbread man himself?

One lucky reader will be selected at random on Friday, December 2nd and mailed a copy of the book Gingerbread By Jennifer Linder McGlinn

Good Luck.  I hope you win!


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Last Monday I came across a sweet deal.  I almost fainted it was so good (okay not really, and honestly… with this family and its history of fainting… I probably shouldn’t joke about that).  Anywho… the deal was: Buy $100 worth of gift cards at Albertsons and get a $20 Alberstons store coupon.  The only catch was… the $20 Albertsons store coupon had to be used within 7 days.  Also… you could not use the coupon towards LIQUID DAIRY (no free milk).

Transaction #1

I purchased $100 worth of Amazon.com gift cards and picked up $21.97 worth of groceries for only *$1.97.

Transaction #2

I purchased $100 worth of Amazon gift cards and picked up $20.17 worth of groceries for only *$.17!

Transaction #3

I purchased $100 worth of Amazon gift cards and picked up $20.12 worth of groceries for only *$.12!

Transaction #4

I purchased $100 worth of Amazon gift cards and picked up $22.84 worth of groceries for only *$2.84.

Transaction #5 I picked up one last $100 Amazon gift card and still have a $20 Albertsons coupon to use.  I have until December 3rd to use it… so I think I’ll wait until the new ad comes out.  As for the Amazon gift cards… They have no expiration date.

So basically… two things are probably painfully obvious…

#1  Mavis LOVES gift card promo deal.

#2 Mavis LOVES Amazon!  Oh yes she does. 😉

Total Spent This Week:  $0 oop

Total Spent Year To Date $ 1187.08

I now have $12.92  in cash to spend, and a balance of  $47.90 left on my *Albertsons gift card.

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Do you still have Thanksgiving Day leftovers in your refrigerator?  What is wrong with you?

Yesterday, I finally got around to using up the last of the leftovers.  And the result… Was delicious!

No more leftovers here!  Protruding bellies? Yes.  Leftovers? No.

Someone should remind me again how miserable it is to feed your family for only one hundred dollars a month.  I think I forgot. 🙂

Turkey Pot Pie… Or Shepard’s Pie… Or Hey, Let’s Clean Out The Refrigerator Pot Pie.


Line a casserole dish with pie crust.

Fill with turkey, corn, sautéed onion and carrots, stuffing and gravy.

Top with mashed potatoes, butter, salt, pepper and thyme.

Bake in a 350º oven for 40 minutes or until the center is warm and your pie crust is golden.

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The Girl Who Thinks She’s A Bird started off her Thanksgiving morning running a 10K race with her team.  Then she promptly came home and slept for 3 hours.

Monkey Boy started his morning with a mixing bowl full of Pops.

I made a pumpkin pie.

I’m not sure if the Handsome Husband was suffering from the after effects of his head injury, but he spent a good portion of his morning wandering around the kitchen aimlessly complaining that we had no chips in the house.  “Do we have any chips… Why don’t we have any chips?”  He kept on repeating.  I finally snapped and yelled “PEOPLE DON’T EAT CHIPS ON THANKSGIVING… Get out of my kitchen!”

Although the chickens wander aimlessly, they don’t care what I have in my cupboards.  They were pleased to have a nice tin pie plate filled with warm oatmeal and soft apples to eat on Thanksgiving.

After The Girl woke up for her morning siesta, she prepared the bird.  When she was 9 she asked if she could make the Thanksgiving turkey.  I said yes.  And with no help from me (or the HH) she has cooked our Thanksgiving turkey every year when have not attended the Flying Scotsman’s Turkey Day feast.

The Girl wants to become a surgeon. So after placing her turkey in the oven, she spent a good half hour slicing and inspecting the turkey organs before finally tossing them into the garbage.

As we ate our meal, I wondered how many people in America sat down last night to dinner and had the same food on their plates.

How was YOUR Thanksgiving.

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Someday, when I am old and gray and have no teeth…

I will open a pie & cupcake shop.

It will make me very happy.

Especially if I have no teeth.

Because everyone knows you don’t need teeth to eat a cupcake or a bite of pie.


How to make individual pumpkin pies:

#1 Roll out pie dough to 1/4″ thickness.

#2 Using a giant daisy flower cookie cutter cut out dough.

#3 Gently press dough cut-outs into mini-cupcake liners and place in a mini cupcake pan.

#4 Brush dough cut-outs with egg-wash (1 egg & 1 tablespoon of water).

#5 Using a 1 Tablespoon cookie scoop, scoop pumpkin pie filling into center of the dough.

#6 Bake @ 350 degrees for approximately 14-17 minutes until golden brown.

#7 Let cool… and serve.

* The HH suggests serving the mini pies with a dollop of whip cream on top.

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Well Well Well… Looks like Mavis scored a FREE TURKEY after all!  And just in case you were wondering… I think the new Jeep Cherokee is a fine vehicle.  It’s just not for me. 😉  Ah ha ha ha!

Last Tuesday I headed over to Albertsons and picked up a few more bags of money making dog treats.  When all was said and done I had spent $1.57 on my Albertsons gift card and walked out of the store with a $2 catalina coupon. 😉

On Sunday morning I went to Fred Meyer. On my first transaction I spent a whopping $2.20 oop after I handed over all my manufacture coupons and Fred Meyer Rewards card coupons.

Some days I wake up and think I should turn Pro.

After I paid for my first transaction, I got back in line… and bought another 2lbs of butter.  I paid $2.50 oop.

And for the piece de resistance, I picked up 36 jars of gravy ($2.91), 2 boxes of saltine crackers ($1.99), 2 packages of Hawaiian Rolls ($3.00), 2 cups of Thai Noodles & 2 refrigerated Nestle Cookie dough packages ($.90), 18 BIG cup of noodles ($3.81), 1 frozen coconut cream pie, 2 cans of Evaporated milk & 1 Langers frozen Orange Juice ($4.82), and 1 gallon of milk and 2 boxes of Mother’s Cookies ($3.77).  Total spent at Albertsons: $21.20 on my gift card of course! 😉

Total Spent This Week:  $4.70 cash

Total Spent Year To Date $ 1187.08

I now have $12.92  in cash to spend, and a balance of  $53 left on my *Albertsons gift card.  Yikes!  I looks like I need to take a week or two off from buying groceries.

How did you do this week?  Are you eating a turkey on Thanksgiving?

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