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Last night we had free weenies for dinner… that’s it. No side dishes… nothing but free weenies. When I placed the plate on the counter the Handsome Husband exclaimed “Wow… what a feast! I think I’ll have the burnt one.” Have I ever told you some days I think my husband is a royal pain in the….

I think my computer has more coupon related pictures than human pictures… Do you think that’s weird?

I won a FREE can of corn!

I went to a birthday party this weekend… and they served Cupcakes… apparently cupcakes are all the rage.

There was also a Taco Bar

And the highlight of the taco bar was the sour cream in the squeezy bottle… What a great idea… No more trying to scoop awkward globs of sour cream onto your soft taco… just squeeze and go…
I must have one!

How was your weekend? Anything exciting happen? Do YOU have a squeezy bottle?

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Albertsons double coupons $3.72

Albertsons double coupons $2.49

Winco… $4.51 I like it there… (except on the 1st day of the month) 🙂

FREE thanks to Amazon.com & Swagbucks…

Fresh Produce…$4.46

Monkey Boy spent $2.25 at the concession stand… What a rip off…

Albertsons $9.51Want to read the whole story behind this weeks shopping trip?You can find it HERE.

Total spent this week $26.94

Total spent year to date $503.05 … Do you see that? 5 months= $503.85… I’m on target with my goal… Wowza!

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Chicken run…

The Girl Who Thinks She’s A Bird sure got a workout yesterday… The poor thing had to chase down the baby chicks (now 8 weeks old) and move them to their new location.

We’ve decided (okay… I’ve decided) that it’s time to move the baby chicks in with the old chicks…

We moved the mini Eglu next to the Eglu Mc Mansion where the big chicks sleep at night. I figure I’ll give them a few days to play nice together and let them get acquainted over the next few days…

And then towards the end of the week they’ll become room mates…

Me Casa Su Casa

I’ll keep you posted.

Keeping Chickens: The Essential Guide

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When arts and crafts projects go bad…

Have you ever wondered what the abominable snowman would look like if he overdosed on Pepto Bismol and put on a party hat?

Well now you do.

Holy crack this turned out BAD… It’s so bad it’s funny…

Oh well… the nightmares have to start somewhere… right?

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Something has been nagging at me for the last few weeks…

A few months ago I promised to make an owl pinata for my nieces birthday party… and I’ve been totally procrastinating… I was this close to emailing my sister yesterday and telling her I couldn’t make it… but…lucky for Mavis… she came across this handsome penguin pinata at Winco Foods yesterday…

What a relief!

I know what you’re thinking… Mavis… this is NOT an OWL… not even close.

But if you look a little closer… you’ll see that the “shape” is spot on… I’m thinking this could be sooo easily turned into an owl pinata with a little glue, tissue paper and a new hat… oh … and about 2 hours worth of labor!

What do you think?

Do you think it’s possible to turn this thing into an Owl?

Help me out here people.

I have exactly 24 hours…

I would appreciate any and all suggestions you might have.

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The Girl Who Thinks She’s A Bird entered this picture in a photo contest… I think it kinda looks like a painting…

She also took this picture… Poor wheelbarrow… it looks so lonely.

My neighbor Lulu Bell has a birthday coming up… I’m helping her make a pinata for the big day. Thanks to Monkey Boy and all his hot air… we were able to get the balloons blown up in like 2 minutes.

And lastly… The Girl has resorted to using frozen rice on her swollen foot. Actually it’s not a bad idea… the rice conforms to her foot better than ice cubes.

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Reader Michelle over at Give A Girl A Fig left me this comment:

So…I have lots of Swag bucks…but no idea how to cash them. in Would you be willing to do a tutorial? Or is it so simple that I’m embarrassing myself by even admitting this?

After you’ve earned a boatload of Swagbucks… your next step is to cash them in… I’m personally a fan of the Amazon.com gift cards but I also like to have a few Starbucks cards on hand for free tea and coffee at the airport.

Here is how to redeem your Swagbucks (for a gift card).

Log into Swagbucks.com and click on the “Swag Store” tab on the left side of your screen.

Click on the Gift & Rewards Cards tab on the left side of your screen.
Click on the gift card you want to redeem.
Click the “Snag This!” tab.
Click “submit Order.”

Check your email account and click to verify your order.

Wait a few weeks for it to arrive… hopefully via a super cute Mail Man.

Think of dear old sweet Mavis when you’re sitting in Starbucks or when you’re ordering something off amazon.com

Hope that helps! If you have anymore questions just leave me a comment below and I’ll try to help you.

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