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So all night I was watching the bathroom door for someone to come out with a glow in the dark neon bracelet…or chewing gum….but no luck. HOWEVER…. my strategically placed note was quite a bit disheveled when I went in half thru the party to see if anything was missing yet…. and let’s just say…I have it narrowed down to 2 people…who shall remain anonymous. I’m seriously thinking about rigging the drawer with a flash alarm outside the bathroom door for next time around…. Okay…so I’ll admit it… I have snooped before. The last time (I think) was about 10 years ago at a relatives house… for some reason the handsome husband and I were talking in the bathroom (door open) and she came in… said she needed to grab some q-tips… I ACTUALLY OPENED THE CORRECT DRAWER FOR HER…. talk about awkward… come to think of it….maybe that’s why we’ve never been invited back 🙂

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We had a few neighbors over for Oktoberfest….
Originally it was suppose to be a “sausage stuffing party” …
but for some reason people didn’t think raw pork, and casings would go well with hot appetizers…. so I changed it to an Oktoberfest party… but still there was lot’s of food…

Including these “Made in Austria” Choco banana’s… which upon further inspection of the ingredient list on back it goes on to say that “these may cause a laxative like effect”. Well let’s just say that as soon as I added that to my “would you like to try a chocolate banana?…. they may have a laxative like effect…so please limit yourself to two”….
it was kind of hard to get any takers…

We asked everyone to bring their favorite German Dish to share….

Did you know “bundt” cakes are a German dessert?


German Chocolate Cake is not ….

We supplied the Wieners, Brew and Dessert

We had party games…
Like for instance… “Rate Your favorite Wiener”

The Johnsonville Brats (yuck) and the Curry Nurnburger Bratwurst had the highest overall ratings… and there was a prize for Best Costume….
Since I could not award the prize to myself… Mrs. Hillbilly was announced the winner…
this is her second win in 2 years…

Overall… I was a little disappointed that more people didn’t dress up…
somehow they thought that when I printed “Costumes Highly Recommended” on the invitation… they took that as… Oh… she must be kidding…

However, Leopard Girl & the Pirate came as Sprockets

Sadly, she did not perform a German Tech-No dance….
Maybe I’ll get her to do that for part of the Thanksgiving entertainment extravaganza I have planned…
In fact… if her and the Pirate DO NOT perform a Sprocket techno dance at Thanksgiving…
I will be withholding their Christmas gifts this year.
So consider yourself warned…. and start practicing your robot moves!

Now… what to do with all the leftover sausage in the frig?

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While cleaning the bathroom today….

I had a thought….
When you go to someones house…
and you use their restroom…
Do you open up their cupboard under the sink?
Do you peek into the medicine cabinet or the drawers?
I decided to be proactive about this….

Now tell me…..do you look?

I’ll tell if you tell….

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My Garlic Sampler box arrived the other day from Seed Savers
Last year I only planted 4 bulbs…that netted me 24 bulbs of garlic this summer.
Definitely not enough.
So I sprung for the 10 variety sampler this year and am anticipating wheelbarrow loads of garlic next summer…
Basically, it’s pretty fool proof…
Plant bulbs two inches deep… 6″ to 8″ apart… root side down.
Then cover with soil…
I made little hills with my rows last year and it worked out great….they don’t tell you to do that… but I like the way it looks and this way when the straw and leaf littler break down it has somewhere to go.
And because I need a little artist freedom…. even if it is just dirt and garlic…
Then I covered the garlic bed with a little straw… I will add about 4-6″ of leaf litter as soon as the leaves start dropping around here.
Also in the box were these giant Elephant garlic.
This only being my second year growing garlic… I’ve never grown this variety and am looking forward to these…

I ran out of room in the other garden bed so I decided to grow them in this raised garden box.

My original goal was to try and grow 2,000lbs of garden produce in the backyard this year… so far I have only grown a little over 1,000lbs… It’s harder than I thought…

All hope is not lost though… I still have some beets ready to be pulled, and some cabbage and parsnips down at my neighbors house I have yet to harvest. The leeks and kale I planted out a few weeks ago are looking nice…and I’m hoping for an early winter harvest of some of those as well.

And finally last weekend I took the time to plant 3 garden beds with spinach, bok choy, and more kale and beets…. I’ve never planted anything this late and I’m planning on putting row covers over those beds this week…so we will see.

I can only imagine how difficult it would be to actually grow ALL the food you would need to sustain yourself for an entire year…. not just the time you have to put into the actual growing of food but getting use to the idea of feast or famine… it’s a little intimidating. And then of course there is the whole eating what you grow aspect of the equation…. but if you ask me… that’s the fun part.

The Complete Book of Garlic: A Guide for Gardeners, Growers, and Serious Cooks

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