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Along the fence….these are the only ones I am watering…
Behind the tall trees…
Along the back fence…
In last years compost pile…
In buckets…
I have no idea where these are…looks like along another section of the fence…
Some were in the woods….

Last winter when I was ordering my potato seed from Seed Savers I wasn’t sure what I really wanted…and in the end I decided it would be less expensive to order the 20lb sampler than to order a little of this and a little of that…. So when it came time to plant the potatoes this spring I was a little overwhelmed with just how many 20lbs of seed potatoes really was. At first I thought…no problem… I have plenty of room…but then as I started I realized that in order to plant potatoes I would actually have to dig LOT’S of holes…and water them too.

The only problem was … that according to my companion planting guide there are lot’s of vegetables that don’t like to be planted next to potatoes…so I decided not to plant them in my garden beds but rather along fences, in old compost piles, buckets and other random places. One thing I failed to realize at the time of my mad potato planting was that I would need to water these things…who thinks about that when you live in Seattle and it rains every few days.

And since the hose only reaches one plot of the potatoes…I am leaving the rest to fend for themselves….rain water or no water.

So this years crop will be an experiment
(That’s code for I was to lazy to dig trenches in the rain and plant them properly)

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Our first egg…

This afternoon we checked in on the chickens to give them an afternoon treat (a few Rainer cherries) and to our surprise…AN EGG! Holy cow…a real egg…from a chicken…in our very own backyard…how cool is that?

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Local Cherries went on sale this week .99cents a lb.
We canned 14 pints and feed some to the chickens…We had no idea that chickens liked cherries. Those birds are getting very comfortable in their new home….and around us. Anytime one of us goes near the eglu they come running…in hopes that we have a little treat for them. But ya know…I’d like a little treat too…HOW ABOUT AN EGG!!!
Spotted banana sale .25 cents a lb….so we bought 25lbs and have been baking banana bread, banana cake, and using theย food dehydrator to fill4 quart bags full of banana chips. Oh and chickens like bananas too. ๐Ÿ™‚
The chipmunks must have taken the day off….I was able to pick a few strawberries…..finally.
The girl and I harvested all 24 garlic plants and hung them to dry in the garage. I hope we didn’t pull them up too early…

All in all a good weekend. I told the Handsome Husband to be on alert…..
I’m hoping for a big pea harvest in the next few days and I need him around to fire up the pressure canner. Not that he (or I for that matter) have ever used one before but I figured he’s better at directions (reading an instruction manual that is… NOT a road map) and if the thing blows up it can be his fault…not mine. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Define small…

I’d like to know who the crack pot is over at Ball canning who wrote up the recipe for pickled beets. It says 24 SMALL beets are needed to make 6… count ’em 6 pint jars of beets. Oh yeah? Try 27 small beets = 1 and 3/4 pints of beets.

I guess I’ll wait til my beets are more than double the size next time before I pull them up!

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On the left side I had planted peas (in the wheelbarrow) in late March followed by corn starts June 1st … on the right I planted corn starts on June 1st and planted pumpkin and beans a few weeks later….. Note to self: do not plant peas and corn together again….. so later today I will pull up the wimpy corn on the left and plant new corn starts ( 3 weeks old).
I pulled the last of the pea plants in the 3 garden boxes and 1 corn patch this morning… I think I will replant the 3 garden beds with a set of bush beans that should be ready to harvest mid September. I also decided that planting bush peas and tomato plants together was a bad idea…. the tomato plants didn’t get enough sunlight and have turned out rather lanky compared to the other tomatoes that I planted with beans and nasturtiums.
Tomatoes like being planted next to beans…..
The slugs are enjoying their trip to the “Salt Spa”…..

Time to stop blogging and get back to work……The little monkeys don’t know it yet but I have pea shelling on the list for their morning activity today…..
Am I a great mom or what?
The Complete Guide to Companion Planting: Everything You Need to Know to Make Your Garden Successful (Back-To-Basics Gardening)

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I went out to water this morning and can back in with a bunch of baby beets and radish. I think I will try and can some pickled beets later this afternoon…as for the radish’s…I’m giving those away…If I have to eat another radish I think I might just have to scream. Why did I plant so many in the first place?

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I read somewhere online that if you need roughly 21lbs of shelling peas to equal 7 pint jars of canned peas. So this being the first year I have ever planted shelling peas I was so excited when I brought in my 3 bowls full of peas…I went right to the scale….and boy what a bummer. They only weighed in at 8lbs 12 oz. The handsome husband was standing right beside me and I told him how disappointed I was….he looked at me like I was crazy… “are you kidding me? Look at all those peas” “Ya but I needed 21lbs to fill a canner load” ….not just any canner load but my brand spankin new pressure canner. I have been waiting since Christmas to fire this baby up. Oh well…. I guess I will have to wait a few more days….Since this was the first pick of the green arrow peas I’m hoping that next time I pick I will get a mother load of peas….okay ….well at least 1 canner load.

All-American 15-1/2-Quart Pressure Cooker/Canner

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