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I’m beginning to think that if I had to grow all our food we would starve to death. Today’s harvest? 2 oz radish, 2 oz lettuce and 1 oz broccoli. …… Maybe growing 2,000lbs of garden produce is going to be harder that I thought.

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Rise and shine…

If your not going to get up early and get to the farmer’s market when it first opens you might as well not go because you are truly missing out…because everybody knows the early bird gets the worm! This morning we (by we I mean I pulled my kids out of bed with threats of shoveling bark all day if they didn’t get up and brush their teeth pronto) showed up about 10 minutes prior to opening… and came home with this:
1 yellow taxi, 1 box car willie and 1 something “wine.”

Which is fine and good because you can never have enough tomato plants…even if you already have about 60 growing in the garden …and none of my tomato plants are this big yet anyway.So maybe I will get a 2-3 week start when I harvest these. It’s not like zucchini…you can never have enough tomato’s… zucchini is fun for maybe 2 weeks. Then it’s all down hill from there. You have to start looking for clever ways to unload the stuff… like last years ever popular night drop commando operation. Tying bags of the crap to various neighbors front doors while it was still dark out… that was fun.

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So this morning I was enjoying my usual cup of tea and checking my 6 or 7 favorite blogs (I know none of these people personally…which is both strange and kinda cool at the same time) and came across a recipe for chocolate ice cream on thyhandhathprovided.blogspot.com  I didn’t know I’d be making chocolate ice cream for dessert until I read the ingredient list…Hey, I had everything in the pantry…we have a birthday to celebrate, perfect timing. So I made it…only I cooked it on the stove (less the heavy cream) chilled it in the fridge, added the heavy cream and then poured it into the White Mountain hand-crank ice cream maker and started cranking away (in between assembling a BBQ). About a 1/2 hour later….the best chocolate ice cream ever (I chose not to add the chocolate chips) and two hours later the BBQ was put together (honestly, somethings men are better at….assembling products via crappy directions is one of them). Now, I just have to wait for dessert (I’ve already snuck two bowls of ice cream…..I hope it lasts).

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Oh happy day…. the Eglu was not suppose to arrive until tomorrow but I got a call on Sunday that 1 of the 2 boxes was in. So I ventured down to the greyhound bus station at about 8am the next day…Interesting. I have never been to an inner city bus station before and was a little perplexed at first as to why there were strange looking people walking (what seemed) aimlessly around …with shower caps on. Did I miss something here? Is there some sort of public shower nearby that I was unaware of ? Oh wait, there’s a guy drinking out of a paper bag with a bottle of wine in it…at 8am…I get it…I’m in Tacoma. that explains it. So I stuffed box #1 into the car and left waiting for box #2. Then yesterday the lady from the bus station called and said box #2 was in. I told her… my Handsome Husband will come pick it up (I’m not driving back there again)…so later he pulls into the driveway…First thing out of his mouth “it’s pretty sketchy down there.”

All in all the Eglu was a snap to put together….only took about 45 minutes….easy as pie… chicken pot pie!

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Pea Flowers…

The first few pea flowers are starting to appear…both the tall sugar snap peas and on the smaller shelling peas as well. Maybe in a week or so we’ll get our first taste of fresh peas from the garden. Gardening is kinda like planning a vacation…half the fun is getting there. When all the planning, researching and time invested finally comes into fruition… it’s kinda of an empty feeling. As soon as I harvest the peas from their garden boxes I’m planning on replacing them with bush beans. But for now, I’m dreaming of peas…. I’m hoping I will have enough for at least 1 batch of canned peas…for Thanksgiving dinner.

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I picked up 5lbs of rhubarb at the farmers market and canned 3 pints of rhubarb sauce to use this winter… I think I will use it to bake over some chicken.

First lettuce harvest of the season.
Arbors going up over the gates…I think I will plant them with wisteria.
Then we sat around the fire pit and roasted marshmallows with Johnny Cash singing “the ring of fire” in the background.

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The day kinda went like this……Mrs. Hill Billy called to tell me about these giant 12 ft trees at Costco she saw for only $39.99 each… she really wanted some for her backyard BUT her husband wouldn’t let her take the trailer because he was afraid she was going to hit something with it. He said could do it for her on Friday…. well it being Memorial weekend and everything she was sure they were going to sell out….so she called me. “Sure” I said…”We can fit those trees in the back of my car no problem, I’ll meet you there at 10 o’clock.

She ended up buying 9 trees….. 3 carloads later…. she had her trees. Then it was her turn to help me with a little something. A few days ago I spied an unwanted rock pile in the neighborhood….I thought “how cool would it be to have a fire pit in the backyard…to roast marshmallows and stuff this summer.”

So we pulled out her husbands “man cart” and went to work. Some of the rocks were a little too heavy to lift so we had to improvise with a hand cart…

Lucky for us there was an “open house” in the neighborhood and the realtor drove by and invited us to come by and get some free sandwiches and something to drink…OH TWIST MY ARM…can this be true? Free (liberated) rocks and a free lunch all in one day. You gotta be kidding me. Even I can make small talk long enough to eat a free Panini sandwich and chips….

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