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“Twenty years from now you will be more disapointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did”
~Mark Twain

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Today we continued work on the raised garden beds….I’m officially addicted ……somebody stop me….I now have 13…and I still think I could squeeze one more in…..maybe tomorrow. Monkey boy and I came across this cheesy 3×3 plastic green house thingy.
It zips up like a tent and has an open bottom. I know it looks tacky but it does get warm in there. Today the outside temp was about 65 and in the little plastic greenhouse the temperature climbed to 81 degrees. So I decided to live on the wild side and place all but 8 of my heirloom tomato plants in there overnight with it zipped up. Hopefully they will all be alive in the morning. As for the other 8 I divided them up between 2 raised beds and covered them
with a row cover….I have never tried one of those either so I hope it works.
If not you’ll find me at the farmers market buying 70 heirloom tomato plants. Must have real tomato’s…not tasteless under ripe crappy tomatoes shipped thousands of miles from who knows where, sprayed with chemicals, picked by people who get paid crappy wages.
Also, I transplanted the last of the pea plants. The first batch I transplanted are doing surprising well….nothing has keeled over yet.

Flower House FHPH130 PlantHouse 3 Pop-Up Plant House 

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The raised garden beds are coming along. Not bad for a girl. Since I had already planted my pea plants in the upper log gardens I am moving them one shovel full at a time. I hope they make it….I heard pea plants don’t like to be transplanted. We shall see…..

Creepy Gnome Guy and 3 Tontos have been relocated to the new lettuce/pea patch…….
just in case you were wondering.

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Jealousy is a dangerous thing (and pricey too I might add). I was up at Chino and the Girly Girl’s house Saturday afternoon and Chino had built two simple raised garden beds out of some leftover lumber. The next day I was thinking about how everyone who has been to our house in the past few months has made unsolicited (rude) comments about my garden beds made from fallen trees (HEY, THEY WERE FREE) I decided that I too am in need of some fancy smancy raised beds as well.

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I coveted thy neighbors newly constructed garden beds…
I tried making a shopping bag out of some 15lb. seed bags….all was going well till I started to itch…Did you know they treat grass seed with fungicide? Me neither….. So no bag for me (or my red, bumpy, fungicide rash).
I Tried to get a tan while the cookies were baking in the homemade solar oven. It was kind of a cloudy day so my 1/2 dozen cookies took 8 hours to bake.
Note to self… do not sell the electric oven.
I also checked in on the strawberry patch… Cowboy Dan is doing an excellent job of warding off the brown slimy killer attack slugs.

Then I had to turn on the sprinklers to grow the fungicide laced grass seed…Maybe next year I will plant the front yard with blueberries instead of grass…that could be fun.

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Stocking up for canning season…

Finally…..I’m finished. Or at least I think I am. This morning I made my final trek down to the big box store who’s name shall not be mentioned…. and finished buying the rest of my canning jars. I now have 507 jars (not that I’m counting or anything). My goal is to grow 2,000lbs of veggies this summer. Why? …….why not? Everybody needs a hobby, right? And I think there are far worse hobbies out there than trying to grow your own food. Anyway, I think a major plus of having OCD is knowing that in everything you do ….excess=success . Yep, that’s my new motto (well for today anyway) Write it down…EXCESS=SUCCESS.

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Give peas a chance…

Oh, for the love of peas…..

Give peas a chance

I was surveying the peas this morning and it seems we have a problem. Something or someone (?) is snapping off the peas at dirt level. Which makes me think that baby slugs have taken over and are trying to set up shop. So what do I do about that?
After a few minutes searching the Internet…..three cups of tea and two candy bars later….. I now have my choices of pesticide free ways to eliminate them…..

#1 I can make an ammonia spray (1 part ammonia 10 parts water) to spray on the babies (if I can find them.)

#2 Spread dryer lint around the base of the plants as a barrier (where would I get that much lint?)

#3 I could cut off plastic soda bottles around the bases of each of my …I don’t know 800 pea plants…to keep the slugs from eating them…Ya…that’s a good one….nothing says “Hey, please buy the house next to me …I’m really a great neighbor” like 800 cut off soda bottles strewn all over the place…it would only be a matter of time before one of the neighbors turns me into the HOA…..again.

#4 I could drowned them in beer…

#5 Salt them to death (my favorite).

Hmmmm… I do have a bunch of rock salt in the cupboard……

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