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Chioggia Beets…

We went out to the Organic farm today to pick up our 3 dozen eggs for the next two weeks and we came across some Chioggia Beets. I had ordered some of these seeds from seed savers because we’ve never tried them before. So we bought two beets for dinner tonight. I added a sliced carrot, 1 potato some salt and pepper, garlic and tossed them in olive oil and popped them in the oven. They we delicious. I’m glad we ordered them. I was a nice surprised to see the stripes had remained after they were roasted.

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A good day to bake pies…

Today has been kind of dreary. I’m not in the mood to go outside and garden in the cold and rain so I stayed in and baked pies. 4 mini apple pies and 4 mini blackberry pies.

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My first harvest of the season. After being cleaned, the green onions weighed in at a whopping 4oz. To meet my goal of growing 2000lbs of food this year I only need 1999lbs 12oz. to go!

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Box of raspberry canes and their GIANT roots.
All lined up in a pretty little row.
7 Beds about 12 feet long.
I ran out of room so I had to pull up a few onions to make room for more raspberries.
Hmmmmm…what to make with the homegrown green onions?

Well, I hate to say it but I my have ordered a few to many raspberry plants. I ordered 100 Cascade Delight’s and still have 26 left over…I might just have to see if the any of the neighbors want the extras. Needless to say I am VERY excited about the berries. To date I have 74 raspberry canes, 150 strawberry plants, 12 blueberry bushes and a few giant blackberry bushes just a few steps from the house. I think I’m pretty much set for berries! Yippee!

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The worlds best compost. I just wish it didn’t smell so awful.
Really, I don’t need a truck. I can fill the car full of compost.
Note to self: next time do not wear Ugg Boots while shoveling compost.
Find of the day…40 Quart Jars, 1 pint and 1 1/2 pint
Farm fresh local raspberry canes from Spooner Farms in Puyallup.

Today was a busy one on the home front. I started the day by filling up 5 free totes of the most incredibly stinky compost on earth and piling them into the back of my car, then stopped by the thrift store to check for jars and lucky me I was able to pick up 40 Quart Jars, a pint and a 1/2 pint jar for rock bottom prices. Then after dropping off the handsome husband his lunch I picked up my order of 100 Cascade Delight Raspberry Canes that I ordered last fall. It was a busy day and all garden related …. I’m just glad to be home and get out of the compost filled car. Now for a cup of tea and some fresh air….

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Yipee……. the mushroom kit has arrived. I ordered an indoor shiitake mushroom kit from Territorial Seed company about a month ago and it finally arrived today. I did not buy the mushroom kit because I like them…just the opposite. The handsome husband LOVES mushrooms and I thought this might be a cool science experiment for the kids. How many people do you know are growing mushrooms in their homes? Okay, I don’t want to know the answer to that. It is suppose to produce between 2-3 lbs of mushrooms over a period of 4-6 months. What fun. I’ll have to track my progress to see if that’s true. Talk about eating local. So after reading the directions I discovered that I need to refrigerate the mushroom kit for 3 more days before setting up shop on the kitchen counter…so for now it sits in the frig alongside a 5lb bag of carrots.

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I’m Eggstatic…

I think I have finally convinced the handsome husband into buying me some chickens. I have had my eye on the Eglu chicken coop for some time now. It’s a little spendy but I like the fact that

#1 I can hose it off

#2 It looks cool

#3 Comes with 18 week old chickens

#4 I can move it around the backyard with no problem

#5 If we go on vacation I can bring the whole contraption to the neighbors to chicken sit.

I love it!!! Now I just have to decided if I want the pink one or the green…..

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