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The cow is coming…

The cow is coming….. the cow is coming….well, actually 1/2 a cow.

A few days after Christmas I was catching up with my girly girl neighbor and she had said her in-laws ordered all the kids a 1/2 of an organic cow for Christmas instead of the typical gifts. I was big time jealous and green with envy. I would of gladly traded my new coat, ear muffs and matching boots my parents gave me for a 1/2 of a cow. I would have been over the moon about such a practical gift. So I asked her to find out more info on the cow and how I could go about buying our family 1/2 of a grass feed/ hormone free/organic cow too. Well, I got the call last night, and next thing you know I have committed to buying 300lbs of meat.

Did I mention that I forgot to ask the husband about this? Hmmmm…. “What are you doing woman?” “Where are we going to put all that meat?” “What are we going to do with all that meat?”

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I went to Albertsons this morning and spent $25.23.

Here's what I bought with all my coupons.

12 boxes of cereal
3 gallons of milk
2 dozen eggs
2 lbs butter
4 boxes of fruit roll-ups
11 Kit Kat bars 
3 Christmas ornaments (for a later craft project)

That's .66 an item.

Maybe this is a stupid question. Do you think it’s cheaper to eat processed food than to eat a truly healthy diet? Is it cheaper to grow your own food than it is to buy it? What takes more time?

Growing your own food, processing it and making your meals from scratch or does it take more time & money to shop, unpack your food, pop it in the oven and then sit on the couch? And what is the end result of all the chemicals you have put into your body. How much time do we spend shopping for food? Really?

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250 Mile Diet

I just finished reading a book called Plenty: Eating Locally on the 100-Mile Diet.

I’ve been thinking about the whole eating local thing since I read Barbara Kingslover’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. I had no idea the average food miles (food from the field to the table) was 1,500 miles. I guess it hit home after I bought my second bland/taste’s like pulp watermelon from Costco last summer. Where were these melons from and why did they taste so awful. It really never occurred to me until I started reading about how long it actually takes to pick melons on a farm from who knows where (Chile, I think) until til I eat it. 2 weeks maybe? How is that fresh? And why should I expect it to taste like it was just plucked from the field. It’s not possible. The melon is 2 weeks old.

So, I am seriously thinking about putting our family on a 250 mile diet for a year (only buying food that is grown within 250 miles of our front door). What an adventure…maybe it would get our family to stop and think about where our food is coming from. Maybe (hopefully) it would change our eating habits for the better. Less junk food (we actually don’t eat that much) and more. Maybe dinner conversations would center around things like: “Hey.. where did that come from and how many preservatives are in it?”

Maybe it would get us to stop and think about how far removed from the actual plant/ animal are food is. Cheese= Cheetos? Would we get to know our farmer’s? Would it get us to try new things? Would it slow us down and help us get back to basics a little more? I don’t know….but it’s something to think about.

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I’m Looking forward to turning this weeks compost into “Black Gold”. That’s garden talk for rich, dark compost. This week I’ve collected this following in the compost bucket: Egg shells, carrot peels, apple peels, broccoli bits, tea bags, coffee grounds/filters, spinach leaves, used dinner napkins, egg crate pulp and shredded paper. I’m thinking about trying lasagna gardening this summer and this will make a good start.

The Complete Compost Gardening Guide

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Mavis is a crazy cooped up housewife who has OCD (self diagnosed of course… because she’s to thrifty to pay for a Doctor’s visit).  She finds joy in annoying her husband, hovering over her children and pretty much driving her neighbors crazy with her unusual requests. She has a sharp tongue, a dry sense of humor and resides in high maintenance suburbia with a flock of chickens. Although she doesn’t frequent the mall, nail salon or wine bars…  she does enjoy roaming the aisles of local grocery stores with her coupons.  Where does Mavis buy everything else on her list?  Amazon.com of course!

In between shopping for on-line deals at Amazon.com and picking up free food with her coupons, Mavis also enjoys dumpster diving for treasures.  However most days, you’ll find her plotting a way to afford her next big adventure.  Whether  its traveling to London… or trying to talk her husband into buying a goat…with Mavis… you just never know what’s going to happen from one day to the next.

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