To a bowl add:

3 scoops of homemade vanilla bean ice cream

3 heart shaped brownies

1 spoonful of hot fudge sauce.

At this point you can choose to lock yourself in a closet and eat the entire bowl of goodness by yourself. Or you can share it with your very own Handsome Husband.  The choice is yours.




Breakfast With Mavis…

Am I the only one who thinks its weird the British use toast caddys?  By the time you place the toast in the caddy, carry it to the table and sit down… Your toast is already cold.  Cold toast displeases Mavis immensely.  But I still think they are cool.  Even if they are weird.

What do you think?

Breakfast With Mavis…

Leftover chili is the breakfast of champions.

Breakfast With Mavis…

I was able to squirrel away some of the extra Christmas ham in the freezer while no one was looking last week. I knew there would come a morning where I would be craving ham and potatoes for breakfast.  Boy, it sure didn’t take long did it. Ha!

Breakfast With Mavis…

Thanks to Jane’s Husband the Po’ Pharmer I now know how to make a smoothie.  About a year (or two?) ago I sent him an email asking how to make a smoothie as I had never made one before.  I felt like a total idiot (in a good/funny way) when he told me to toss some frozen fruit and ice in a blender and turn it on.

Wow!  Really?  That is it?  Holy Crackers!

Oh, and by the way… I totally hate to admit it, but the BlendTec is the best blender on the planet.  I think it is worth every penny.  Just don’t buy one for your daughter on her 16th birthday. 😉

Blendtec 1,560-Watt Total Blender

Smoothies for Life! Yummy, Fun, and Nutritious!

Breakfast With Mavis…

Who wants to eat corn flakes when you can have leftover apple pie for breakfast?

Breakfast With Mavis…

1 bowl of Kashi Heart to Heart Honey cereal and 27 million cups of English Breakfast  tea.